Scam artist seeks videographer

I was getting ready to write yesterday about my wonderful weekend as a groomsman when I was sidetracked by an odd e-mail from someone supposedly seeking a videographer for his daughter’s wedding. The odd syntax and bad grammar almost had me convinced that it was a fraud, but the request for my service was so specific that I left the door slightly open and responded. But when his second e-mail to me proposed his sending me a check for double the package price, then my wiring him the difference, I realized it was a business-specific version of an old scam. I know about all the “Nigerian billionaires” who need my help, but a father of the bride seeking a videographer for a wedding? That could probably fool somebody like me, especially if the scammers brushed up on their grammar a bit!

My brother-in-law’s wedding weekend was everything I expected and more! The rehearsal dinner was at Buca Di Beppo’s, the ceremony was at St. Luke’s UMC, and the reception was at the Rathskeller. I could write a whole column about it, but let’s just say that it was the kind of wedding I would have loved to have videotaped. Both the bride and groom are deep, emotional and expressive people, so there were a lot of heartfelt moments and speeches throughout the weekend, and a lot of tears at the altar. It was an honor to stand up and witness those moments up close, and a relief to do so just once without a camera on my shoulder. It was also a kick to be on the other side of the fence, having the church coordinator I’ve worked with so many times pinning a boutenniere on me for a change, or having the photographer I worked with at a bar mitzvah just a month ago photographing me.

The best part for me personally was seeing my three boys experience the joy of a wedding day for themselves, knowing that Daddy gets to witness and preserve moments like these every weekend for a living. I was so proud of the job my oldest son Matthew did handing out programs, and dancing with him and his twin brothers all night at the reception at the Rathskellar was one of the highlights of my life. Having videotaped moments like that at over 500 weddings, there was a sense of life coming full circle for me to experience those moments myself, as nothing makes me happier than seeing my children so full of joy. I’m also glad that my multi-talented associate producer and friend Laurie Buschmann just happened to be the DJ’s guest, and was therefore able to help my wife Chris capture those moments on video.

I’ll post a few pictures soon, once I figure out this blogging thing a bit more. In the mean time, I’m putting the finishing touches on a wedding I recently shot in Fort Wayne and preparing for that BIG announcement about IndyVisual. Happy planning!

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