Two down, six to go

Well, so far this potentially daunting stretch of 8 weddings in 15 days has gotten off to a smooth start. I spent Saturday in Columbus covering the wedding of police officers Courtney and Brian. Courtney saw my demo video at Gloria Boyden‘s booth at a Ritz-Charles bridal show, while her mother was referred to me by Flip Miller. I had a good time working once again with photographer Michael Colter – we go way back to when he was an assistant for Geno and my business was still called On the Spot Productions. Memories of the two of us chasing a bridal party around Woodland Country Club in a golf cart come to mind whenever I see him. I’m also looking forward to working with him again in Terre Haute in a couple of weeks.

After the ceremony, we stopped for some photo and video ops amid Columbus’ famous architecture, then settled in at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. I’ve taken my kids to that Holidome several times with no idea how ornate their ballroom facilities were. McNamara‘s Alan Thompson provided a towering floral design that perfectly complemented the room’s elegance, with some additional touches provided by Kay Krober’s Invitations and Celebrations. DJ Amy Whitis, whom I was happy to finally meet after hearing so many good things about her from Sunny Moon, introduced the newlywed cops to the tune of “Bad Boys,” and the party was on. After a few formalities, the couple showed a photomontage that I put together for them, mixing in video of their engagement. (Courtney had been surprised with a helicopter ride, which airlifted her to a proposal in lights – and her future groom – on the ground below.) A line of police doing the “Loco-Motion” with handheld loudspeakers tooting was another highlight.

Afterwards, I swung by the Indianapolis Arts Center to pick up gear from a wedding that my second videographer Laurie Buschmann was covering. That ceremony was supposed to take place in the outdoor portico, but got moved inside due to the heavy rain. Fortunately, both I and the clear sky arrived just in time for their sparkler send-off. By all accounts, the couple (who had booked us from Australia) were good sports about the change, and the indoor ceremony went beautifully, so I’m looking forward to putting together that footage. I’m completely caught up with edits for now, so I should be able to finish the wedding I shot by the time the Courtney and Brian return from their honeymoon. Then comes the toughest part of this stretch – weddings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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