So far, so good

My recent stretch of weddings on three consecutive days went about as smoothly as I could have hoped for. Nicki and Austin’s Friday wedding took place at the Montage, with Gene Huddleson providing the design and direction, Andrew Scalini photographing, Sunny Moon handling ceremony audio and reception music, and Joe Husar of Kahn’s Katering doing a splendid job of running the facility and food service. The 8:00 start time for the outdoor ceremony made the weather tolerable and provided a beautiful dusk light over the proceedings. Unfortunately, the couple wasn’t given a chance to exchange the vows they had written to each other, so I staged a private moment afterward on the terrace for them to do so in front of the setting sun. Despite their disappointment in not having the chance earlier, they felt the full emotion of every word they wrote, and the improvised moment was one they appreciated and will always remember.

On Saturday, the State Capitol was transformed by consultant Rayna Traylor and designer Tim Palmer into a gorgeous sea of white for Annie and Nick’s ceremony. The bride surprised the groom with a gospel choir outside the building after the recessional. Bruce Livingston and his staff at the new Conrad Hotel were well-prepared for the Conrad’s first-ever wedding reception, which was written up in the Star the next day. I was surprised by the ballroom’s bold, contemporary design, and Tim Brickley‘s orchestra set the proper mood during dinner before his rock band took over when the dance floor opened up. The words “photographer from New York” fill me anxiety for some reason, but it was a true joy working with down-to-earth photographer Danny Linossi throughout the evening.

Jennifer and Russ’ Father’s Day wedding at the Ritz Charles chapel was a relatively short and sweet affair, with an abbreviated reception minus the usual dancing. The groom’s brother wrote and performed a beautiful ballad for the couple during the ceremony. Overall it was a nice, relaxed atmosphere in which I got to hang briefly with consultant Tonya Shadoan and reconnect with photographer Joe DeFabis. Joe and I were booth neighbors at my first bridal show in 1994, and I hadn’t worked with him in over 10 years. He books a lot of weddings online, and he had some good insights on search engine optimization, which may motivate me to move this blog back to my website’s server.

During the week I finished editing Kelly and Peter’s wedding, which Laurie shot at the Indianapolis Art Center on 6/10/06. They had a great engagement story that involved Kelly flying to Tokyo to find out if her friend Peter might have feelings for her, only to return to the U.S. as his fiance! They shared so many loving glances – it was an editor’s dream. I also heard from Meg Searle, the mother of the bride whose wedding I had shot in Columbus on that same day. She was blown away by the video and has promised to bring me to Cleveland to cover her next two kids’ weddings. Love to travel!

Which brings me to the home stretch for June. Friday I’ll videotape a wedding and reception at the Omni Severin. Then on Saturday, I’ll be joining consultant Teddy Lenderman and photographer Michael Colter for a wedding in Terre Haute, while Laurie shoots a wedding and reception at the Regions Bank building with consultant Gloria Boyden. (Thanks for the referrals, Carrie, Teddy and Gloria!)

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to photographer Angela Talley and buddy Rich Johnson, each of whom called me this morning with news of newborn babies! Both kids will definitely be in capable, loving hands.

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