Fun fall weddings

September and October are my favorite months to videotape weddings due to the cooler weather, the beautiful outdoor shots, and of course, the football that awaits me the next day as a reward for a hard but fun day’s work. And fun it has been these past two weekends!

Courtney & Zach’s September 23 wedding at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church marked the third wedding that we have shot for the McCracken family, so it was nice to catch up with our former clients and count kids. I was pleasantly surprised to find David Takayoshi of Line 11 Images, whom I had known but never worked with, working alongside photographer Eric Graf from Louisville. While waiting downtown for the wedding party to arrive at the Columbia Club, I ran into consultant Michelle Rogers of Accolade of London, Jeff Reed of the band First Impression and Larry Seidman‘s associate photographer preparing for a wedding on the first floor. (Too bad they didn’t also hire me to shoot their ceremony – I probably could have fit it in while waiting for Courtney & Zach!) I also spotted photographer Mark Dutkevitch getting some shots at the church next door. I wonder how many wedding parties go through the Monument Circle area in a single Saturday. After a few photos on the Circle, we all headed to the 10th-floor ballroom, tastefully decorated by Alan Thompson of McNamara Florists, for a night of good food and big-band music by Chicago’s Bobby Schiff Band.

Last weekend brought me right back to St. Joan of Arc for Emily & John’s ceremony, and I immediately recognized the white and gold ribbons blowing in the wind as the work of Majestic Events. That bundle of positive, creative energy known as photographer Jessica Strickland (who referred the wedding to me) was there to greet me as well, and the day’s upbeat vibe never let up from there. I followed the bridal party and Jess to Holcomb Gardens afterwards for some laughter-filled photo ops, then moved on to the Montage to capture (and partake in) the customary hospitality of Joe Husar’s staff. After a nice breather and chat over dinner with the Stricklands and DJ Jason Fritz of Pro-Sound Entertainment, Jason kept me busy the remainder of the night by keeping the dance floor so packed by the young crowd that I could barely navigate the area to get my shots. In fact, I don’t recall Emily ever leaving the dance floor…

I spent the past week finishing up Latosha & Adrian’s wedding video from August 19, which Tony Cardinali shot for me while I was covering Jordan & Matthew’s wedding in the Evansville area. The ceremony was at New Life Worship Center, which I thought I’d never been to until I saw the footage and realized it used to be Traders Pointe Christian Church. The reception was at the Children’s Museum, which made me envious of Tony since I’m a member there and LOVE it! I also completed most of Catherine & Michael’s video from their August 26 wedding in the Cincinnati area – that one should be done tomorrow morning.

While all this has been going on, I’ve also been helping my church (St. Luke’s UMC) duplicate and print about 2500 DVDs for our latest capital campaign. I’ve also met with several brides and filled up even more dates for 2007, which is shaping up to be another record year for IndyVisual. The blessings just keep on coming!

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