Maureen & Donald – 10/14/06

Maureen & Don enjoyed a beautiful wedding mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Carmel yesterday. They were such a nice, easy-going couple to work with, which always makes the day more fun. It’s amazing how much that church has changed since I first worked there about ten years ago. When I returned there a couple of years ago, I hardly recognized it, especially the altar and narthex. The ceremony was what I’ve come to expect there, lots of flowers courtesy of McNamara Florist, lots of singing and lots of incense. Gloria Boyden of Events by Design is also a member and wedding coordinator there, so she must really enjoy helping couples in her church plan their ceremonies and overseeing the rest of the wedding staff, all of whom were very sweet people.

The reception brought me back to the Ritz Charles (who referred the wedding to us) just six days after my last visit there. The atmosphere was casual, with an emphasis on quality time and mingling with family and friends. I was impressed with how “real” the couple was in general about appreciating the true purpose of the day. They did not even cut the cake, which was a first for me in over 500 weddings. It was funny how Matt Lee of Matthew Gordon Photographer and I almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves when we learned that. But I do get a kick out of seeing something different every week, which is what makes it so much fun. Adding to the evening’s casual vibe was down-to-earth local music scene legend Carl Storie and his band, who warmed over the crowd with some sunny 60’s and 70’s nostalgia, typified by their performance of Carl’s national hit “Dancin’ Shoes.” Just thinking about that song makes you sway, doesn’t it?

Update (11/2/06): I happened to run into photographer Matt Lee at a Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon at the Oak Hill Mansion today, and he told me that Maureen & Don’s proofs were now up on his website. The shot below was taken shortly after their first glimpse of each other at the beautiful Coxhall Gardens. I didn’t learn until shortly after I returned from my vacation in Kauai that Maureen & Don were honeymooning there at the same in the resort right next door!

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