Lynn & Josh – 10/21/06

I’ll need to start the blog entries for today’s weddings before the fact, since once I’m done covering Lynn & Josh’s wedding tonight, it’s straight to bed to rest up for our early flight to Kauai. Hopefully, I’ll remember enough about the weddings when I return to go into a little bit more detail.

Lynn & Josh will be exchanging vows at Bethlehem Lutheran Church today. For whatever reason, the other two ceremonies that I have shot there have been for two of our all-time favorite clients, so I consider that church a good-luck charm. Then we’ll move on to the reception in the lodge of the Riverwalk Banquet Center and Lodge, our first reception in that specific building since about ten years ago when the Riverwalk was called the Crystal Yacht Club. I’ve met photographer Mike Bizila on a few occasions but never worked with him before, so it’ll be fun to get to know him. I have worked with DJ Mark Allam several times over the years, but it’s been awhile since the last time. He used to get the microphone out and actually sing Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” perfectly, so much so that I once absent-mindedly tried to chat with him while the song was playing, forgetting that he was singing live! We’ll see tonight if that’s still part of his repertoire.

Update (11/2/06): Now that it’s after the fact, I am happy to report that everyone involved in this wedding – the couple, Mike Bizila, Mark Allam and the Riverwalk staff – was a pure joy to work with. I got some great shots of Mark hamming it up to “Play That Funky Music” in a 70’s disco wig, among other moments that Lynn & Josh missed that they’ll be glad to see on video. The night’s good vibes definitely set the perfect no-worries tone for my departure for Hawaii the next morning.

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