We’re back!

Wow – what an incredible time I had with my family in Kauai! I can’t begin to describe the beauty of the island and the many unforgettable moments we experienced, at least not in this space with so much catching up to do. The moments that linger the most… Entering the Grand Hyatt’s open-air lobby with its perfectly framed view of the Pacific Ocean. Kayaking in their lagoon. Eating Hawaiian shave (not shaved) ice – I’ll never touch a snow cone again! Watching our oldest son Matthew do the hula onstage at a luau. The many stunning views around the island, particularly the Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Valley and pretty much every coast. Dodging roosters on the roads. I’m sensing a ramble coming on, so I’ll cut it short here and leave you with a simple snapshot from our patio that just about says it all for us.

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