Since October I’ve been trying to start blogging in a different format, where every stage of a client’s video production process is reported and updated in a single blog entry devoted to that client, organized by wedding date. So my report about the wedding day, as well as the eventual posting of any photos, highlight segments, feedback and other follow-up will all be conveniently located under one client’s listing instead of scattered over several posts. Hopefully that’ll make this blog a little easier to follow and more fun to read. That said, I have some scattershot catch-up reporting to do here with some pre-October weddings that I completed prior to my vacation last week, so here we go…

Katherine & Michael’s ceremony took place amidst the stunning architecture of St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica in Covington, KY, followed by their reception at the Drees Pavilion overlooking the beautiful Cincinnati skyline:

Julie & Paul were one of the first couples ever married at the beautiful new Coxhall Gardens in Carmel. Paul’s surprise serenade to Julie was the highlight of their reception at the Bridgewater Club:

Lynn & Nathan travelled all the way from their new home in California to exchange vows at St. Vincent de Paul Church in her hometown of Shelbyville, followed by a lively celebration in the fellowship hall next door:

Lynn & Nathan’s Highlight Segment – 9/9/06

Christi & Eric tied the knot at my church, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, before packing the dance floor at the Meridian Hills Country Club:

Christi & Eric’s Highlight Segment – 9/9/06

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