Go Colts!

Much of last Saturday was spent at the Ale Emporium in Fishers with a couple of fellow IU and Colts fans to watch both teams play. IU’s win over Penn State was certainly nice, but the real excitement was over the Colts’ grind-it-out win over the Ravens, which I predicted. Then I became a huge Patriots fan on Sunday, as I knew that a Pats win would mean an AFC Championship game at home, and the Pats pulled that one off. So after missing the win over the Chiefs in order to cover a wedding (I’m also bummed that my friends only got face value for my ticket), I’m thrilled beyond words about being in the Dome this weekend to send the Colts off to the SUPER BOWL!

I also popped in on the bridal show at the Ritz Charles to say hi to some fellow vendors. I was impressed with how many repeat vendors were there, the sign of a successful show, so I will certainly consider trying to get a booth there next year. Then I took my boys to stay overnight at the Hyatt downtown ($45 on Priceline!) so Mommy could have a couple of days away from the rascals. We had fun roaming around the hotel, the SkyWalk system, and Circle Center, then swimming and playing video games in the room.

I’ve spent the rest of the past week doing a lot of odds and ends as well as editing Sara & Alex’s wedding from a couple of weekends ago. Although I usually expect an uptick in phone calls from brides in January due to the busy bridal show season, I’ve been more swamped than ever with inquiries these past couple of weeks. It seems that a lot of people out there, clients and vendors alike, have been telling brides about us, so I am especially filled with gratitude and humility for that. Thanks also to Ryan McKeever of Magic Hour Productions for treating me to a wonderful lunch on Wednesday!

I have a couple of video clips and thank you notes to share, but I will hold off on posting anything new until I complete a website update in the next week that will change how our video clips are seen and shared.

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