Jill & Kevin’s Reception – 5/12/07

After a fantastic wedding week in St. Kitts and another week’s honeymoon in Antigua, the celebration continued last Saturday at their reception at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Tonya Shadoan of Circle City Planners and Gene Huddleston of Detail + Design collaborated to bring tropical chic to the Deer Zink Pavillion. What really made the room was the contemporary furniture sets carefully picked out by Tonya and provided by Watson’s, where Kevin is the sales manager. I put together a video of photographer Hether Miles‘ great images combined with my footage, and it was a huge hit with the crowd. It was intended by Jill to be the focal point of the reception, but it got upstaged soon after by the couple themselves. I’ve seen over 500 first dances, so it would take something really special for me to say that it was my Favorite First Dance Ever, but this one was by a mile. (I’ll post it shortly.) All in all, it was a magical night to cap off what Kevin’s dad called the “longest wedding ever!”

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