Heather & Sean – 7/21/07

I’ve always enjoyed traveling to Fort Wayne, whether it was to shoot graduations in the old days, shoot weddings each of the last few years, visit Amish country nearby, or bring the kids to the awesome Children’s Zoo and Science Central. On this particular weekend, I drove up there to cover Heather & Sean’s beautiful wedding mass at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Heather was recovering from a recent spate of illnesses, but she looked gorgeous nonetheless, and quite relieved to finally be able to kiss the groom and not care about getting him sick anymore. The reception was in what appeared to be an “inflatable” banquet hall adjacent to the Marriott Hotel. Sounds strange, I know, but the inside was very nicely decorated, and the prime rib during dinner was delicious! Everyone had a wonderful time, and I’m sure that Heather & Sean are feeling perfectly fine in Maui right about now.

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