Amanda & Shaun – 8/25/07

Photos by Andrew Scalini
I arrived at Amanda’s bridal suite in the Embassy Suites just in time to join ace photographer Andrew Scalini in capturing some great shots of Amanda getting into her gorgeous, slender gown and later poignantly greeting her ailing mother, who had been too sick to attend some of Amanda’s previous milestone events but wasn’t going to miss this one for the world. I also caught Shaun holed up in the adjacent suite’s bathroom memorizing his vows. The ceremony took place right next door in the grand Indiana Roof Ballroom, which was beautifully adorned by Our Backyard Flowers. A long aisle of floating candles (wish I knew the terminology) greeted the guests and made an amazing entrance for the bridal party. The couple exchanged their beautifully-written and emotional vows under a huge, leafy arch with lots of little candles hanging over their heads.

This arch later made a great addition to what is already one of the most stunning entrances in the city as guests re-entered the ballroom for the reception after cocktails. The couple was introduced following the Roof’s signature thunder and lightning show, and Greg Imboden’s Indy Express Band contributed plenty of class and brass to the dinner and dancing music for the remainder of the evening. All of these festivities took place under the watchful eye of consultant Leslie Jones (thanks for another great referral, Leslie!) and her awesome assistant Marjan, who took the reins for this event like a seasoned pro and clearly shared Leslie’s knack for pampering the bride while keeping everything on schedule.

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  1. Mary August 28, 2007, 11:45 am

    sounds like a great day Bob! But I am pretty sick and tired of reading all about the OTHER photographers who get to work with you…stop by my office at the IMA and let’s get our schedules straightened out 🙂
    can;t wait to see the video of this one 🙂

  2. Bob August 28, 2007, 12:58 pm

    Ha! At least you get to be a guest at my 10/12 wedding, M. So you can toss hors d’oeuvres at my head all day with no responsibilities. See? NOT working with me can be fun, too! 😉

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