Kerri & Ryan – 9/2/07

It was through tragic circumstances that Kerri & Ryan met, comforted and eventually fell in love with each other, and this past weekend was a celebration of two families remembering loved ones while moving forward with a positive attitude and true appreciation for life. The couple exchanged vows at First Baptist Church in a ceremony highlighted by Ryan’s four children helping the couple light their unity candle. The reception marked my first return in a couple of years to the Marriott North, where Megan Morton and I were excited to finally work together for the first time (not counting a corporate job she referred last year) since her days at the Columbia Club. (Thanks to Megan, Sunny Moon and the Columbia Club for referring the couple to me!) Photographer Erin Hession and her gang were fun to observe and hang out with throughout the day, and it was a treat to get to know DJ Matt Rawlings, who works full-time two buildings away from me at TourDesign. (He’s also getting married next month, so congrats in advance, Matt!) After a fun evening of nonstop dancing, Ryan surprised Kerri and their guests by announcing the location of their honeymoon – St. Kitts!

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