Nominated as Indy’s Best!

I recently learned that we got nominated as Indy’s Best Videographer on WRTV’s IndyChannel A-List! Although I sniffed early on that this was just a clever advertising campaign by WRTV disguised as a popularity contest, I was really touched to learn that so many clients and fellow wedding professionals were voting for me, pushing me to #1 so far without my asking for any votes. That means more to me than winning any award possibly could. So just for them, I’ve decided to give in and do what we’ve been asked to do and that’s ask for YOUR vote! 🙂
If you are a former client happy with our work, a future client who decided that we were the best option for you, or a fellow friend or wedding professional who already believes that we are the best, then you can cast your vote for IndyVisual at this link:
If you’d like to check out our fellow nominees and cast your vote in their direction (which is totally fine with me – I’m a good sport!), then you can go to this link:
It’s all in good fun, so enjoy!

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