Megan & James – 10/21/07

After seeing Chris and the boys off at the airport Sunday for our fall break vacation in Orlando, I drove downtown to cover Megan & James’ wedding and reception at the Omni Severin Hotel. I was already exhausted from the previous day’s shoot, but the familiar smiling faces of the Omni’s Amanda Coffey (thanks for the referral!), photographers Kevin & Alicia Monahan and DJ Sunny Moon (on hand early to provide ceremony music) were all I needed to hit the ground running. James has a video production background himself, so that was also motivation enough to make sure my “A” game didn’t hop on that plane with the wife and kids.
The ceremony went perfectly as expected, and Sunny used his expertise to keep the guests up and dancing throughout the Sunday night reception. As he bid the couple farewell accompanied by the “Mickey Mouse” theme at the end of the evening, Sunny quipped that I would be joining them on the plane the next morning for their honeymoon coverage. He was half right – I took the same airline to Orlando the next morning two hours before they did, but it was to join the rest of my family for a much-needed vacation. I didn’t spot Megan & James at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where they were honeymooning, but I’m sure they had a great time without me!

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