Julia & John – 10/27/07

A couple of years after videotaping her sister Elizabeth’s wedding at the same location, I had the privilege of being there to capture Julia tying the knot with John at Meridian Street United Methodist Church. It was a treat to work again with consultant Gloria Boyden of Events by Design (who had originally referred Elizabeth to me), and to be joined this time around by super-fun photographer Jessica Strickland and her hubby/assistant Mark. Julia was the rare bride who always seemed to be having more fun than everyone else in the room, and her enthusiasm was contagious.
The reception was held once again at the beautiful Woodstock Club, where we enjoyed some great photo ops under the huge, peak-color maple tree out front. The decor inside provided by McNamara Florist was fabulous, just as it was earlier at the church. As it often goes in this business, after working with the band etc. maybe once every other year for several years, this evening marked our fourth event together this summer. As always, they rocked the house all night. Even when the guests were being lured en masse to the bar area for drinks or large group photos, they kept coming back to dance, often led by the bride and groom themselves.

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  1. Anonymous November 16, 2007, 10:32 am

    Thanks for the great post and for doing such a great job filming our wedding!
    Julia & John

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