Pooneh & Matthew – 5/10/08

In a spring full of unique events, the prize goes to Pooneh & Matt’s Iranian wedding and reception at the Omni Severin Hotel, my first Persian event. The beautiful traditions and special touches were too numerous to mention. Many of them were in one place – on the Sofreh-ye Aghd, a spread on a huge “table” at the couple’s feet on which was placed a wide variety of symbolic spices, breads, fruits, confections, coins and a mirror in which the groom sees his bride’s reflection for the first time after her unveiling.

The most fun tradition had to be the knife dance prior to the cake-cutting at the reception, in which each bridesmaid took a turn dancing and keeping the knife away from Matt while he tried to bribe them for it with flowers. The rest of the evening was filled with hypnotic music, lively dancing, and a very sweet couple surrounded by the warmth of the their family and friends. Maureen and the rest of the Omni staff did their usual superb job running the show, and photographer Andrew Scalini was a fun companion as always throughout the day who undoubtedly had some great images to shoot.

Special thanks for the referral goes to Carrie Sprague, formerly of the Omni, who’s now rockin’ it at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and is missed much by yours truly!

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