Tracy & Andrew – 6/28/08

Laurie, who always does a great job videotaping for us, really topped herself with this wedding, which is easy to do when working with a couple so tenderly in love with each other. Tracy & Andrew were generously referred to us by Tracy Heine of Bliss Boutique, and the bliss between them was undeniable. The weather cleared up just long enough for them to enjoy an emotional first meeting at Coxhall Gardens, followed by photos with Rich Walton, who worked alongside us for the second straight weekend.

Then it was off to the Ritz Charles, where Tracy’s reaction to seeing the chapel decor provided by Alan Thompson of McNamara Florist was priceless. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of Jewish and Catholic traditions, and the couple added their own spiritual touch by reading to the congregation a covenant prayer that they had written. The reception, MC’d by DJ Jim Gucinski of Lakeside Entertainment, was filled with plenty of laughter, tears and way too many great moments to fit into the highlight video, and I got there just in time to see them squeeze a cute “mini-hora” into the proceedings.

Photo by Rich Walton Photography

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  1. Anonymous July 14, 2008, 11:11 am

    As someone who attended Andrew and Tracy’s wedding, this video is awesome. Tracy is a dear friend of mine (my son was their ringbearer.) Their wedding was beautiful and couldn’t have been any more perfect. Your video captures the essense of Andrew and Tracy, their love for each other, and the fantastic life they have ahead of them.


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