Rachel & Chris – 9/6/08

“Hey, it’s Video Bob!” A dozen years after covering the wedding of Rachel’s sister Heather, it was nice to hear their family’s old nickname for me again throughout Rachel & Chris’ big day, starting with a ceremony at the Indiana State House. Then the party drove to Monument Circle for some shots with photographer Andrew Scalini while I settled in at the Conrad Hotel (whose Liz Mok also gave the couple our name), where consultant Josh Gurvitz and the creative folks at Posh Petals got the swanky ballroom ready for a big night. The amazing band Zanna-Doo rocked the house with their mix of disco, R&B, classic rock and crowd-pleasing 80’s singalong anthems, upstaged only on occasion by the very spirited groom, who plays a mean cowbell. As fun as this group was before midnight, I can’t begin to imagine how the afterparty in the adjacent “Club Evens” was, but it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t there to roll tape!

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  1. Heather Kaufman Ladage September 23, 2008, 9:31 am

    Video Bob,

    This is amazing and so captures their day! (it makes me want to get marreid again to have another video made) Rachel looked gorgeous and Chris didn’t look so bad either.

    And, thank goodness you were NOT there for footage of Club Evens! 🙂

    – Heather

  2. Anonymous September 23, 2008, 10:04 am

    Beautiful! I laugh the laughter and joy radiating from you. Obviously you are madly in love and the best of friends. Congrats on a great life together. You can feel the happiness jump from the screen.

    Krissy Best Schenck

  3. Chad Cochran October 27, 2008, 12:04 pm

    Awesome video. The wedding looked beautiful. I didn’t know that you could move like that on the dance floor Chris. Chad Cochran

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