Lyndsey & David – 11/8/08

All of the weddings I videotape are special and poignant in their own unique way, but Lyndsey & David’s wedding day has certainly got to be one of the most tear-jerking ones I’ve ever covered. After a brief rehearsal at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, we gathered at Milano Inn for some fun festivities that included many surprises, including not one but two groom’s cakes representing his two loves, his dog and a certain pro football team from Boston.

The wedding day started with hair & makeup at Lyndsey’s family home, where the bride squeezed in some quick dance lessons (Soulja Boy & Cupid Shuffle). Then the preparations continued at the Scottish Rite, where everyone just about lost it when Lyndsey’s tearful dad Craig first saw her in her wedding gown. The tears would continue all the way down the aisle of the auditorium when he had to take a moment to compose himself enough to give her away. Ann Conrad and Ken Knowles from my church provided some amazing music, and it was sweet to see David’s grandfather standing up with him as his honorary best man.

The auditorium and ballroom were splendidly decorated by Darcie of Circle City Planners (who thankfully referred the couple to us) and Royal Creations, with plenty of touches commemorating loved ones who had passed on. Also particularly moving was the presence of several of Lyndsey’s patients from the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital where she works, including one lucky girl who received a Build-A-Bear Bride. There was plenty of laughter as well, including a bouquet toss that would have made her hospital’s namesake proud, nearly hitting the huge chandelier and completely overshooting the single gals after telling them to move closer.

Thomas Catering provided their usual great dinner service, Brian Jones of Indy Sounds kept the energy level high, and Lyndsey’s photographer aunt Lynn Lee captured all the memories with an insider’s familiarity of this loving and wonderful family.

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  1. Northernlight Filmworks December 12, 2008, 11:08 am

    Hey Bob…nice work. I always love a great story.

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