Tiffany & Brian – 11/15/08

One weekend after videotaping another wedding and reception at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, I returned to cover Tiffany and Brian’s big day, also coordinated by Circle City Planners (Tonya this time), who have thankfully helped me fill many of my fall dates. Photographer Andrew Scalini and I captured the bride’s preparations as she got ready for her first meeting with Brian, preceded by a thoughtful delivery of flowers and a card from the groom. After their tender first meeting and some photo time, the ceremony in the auditorium was underway, with the groom’s father presiding over the wedding.

The ballroom was beautifully adorned by McNamara Florist, and the reception commenced with the usual splendid cocktail and dinner service by Thomas Caterers. After an upbeat first dance over a monogram spotlight, an evening of timeless rock and roll kicked off courtesy of the endlessly energetic Endless Summer Band. The evening was highlighted by the hilarious presentation of a hot dog statue – yes, a hot dog statue – to the couple by the groom’s buddies, thus continuing a tradition of pooling their funds to buy unforgettable gifts for each other’s weddings.

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