Braca & Rob – 10.29.11

I had a wonderful time filming Braca & Rob’s beautiful wedding and reception at the gorgeous Indiana Roof Ballroom.  Coordinator Rayna Traylor (who referred Braca & Rob to us) did a marvelous job of overseeing the evening’s events, and J.P. Parker Flowers did their usual amazing work at the Roof.  Photographer Morgan Matters, sporting a sparkling new ring from her own engagement the previous night, was a blast to work with as always.  It’s not easy to fill the sizable dance floor there, let alone for a one man band, but keyboardist Matt Roush pulled it off wonderfully.  The musical highlight of the evening, however, belonged to the stunning bride herself, who surprised the groom with a pre-recorded rendition of her singing “Hallelujah,” which played as they cut their cake.

Image by Morgan Matters Photography

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  1. Cody Eling February 6, 2012, 9:53 pm

    Hey buddy I am so very happy for you two. The wedding video was amazing, and the pictures were second to none. Am am glad that you found someone to put up with you through thick and thin. It is the best feeling in the world. Coming home to your true love every day knowing that all your stress will melt away once she gives you that kiss on the cheek and says she loves you. Well my friend just thought I would say Mazol Tov, but like a normal Jew I am rambling on. Love you bud and take care.

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