I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to travel to some amazing destinations (St. Kitts, Riviera Maya, St. Lucia, etc.) to film some incredible weddings in paradise, and this epic wedding weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Naples belongs right at the top of that list.  Gene Huddleson of Detail+Design referred this PACE Award-winning (for “Best Wedding: Budget over $200,000”) four-day extravaganza to me, and his team’s creativity was evident in every aspect of the weekend, from the rehearsal activities and welcome dinner to the stunning sunset ceremony on the beach, through the spectacular reception and “afterglow” party and finally the day-after brunch.  By contractual agreement I cannot reveal the client, but I thought it would be fun to assemble a quickie sampling of some of D+D’s beautiful work for such a warm and generous family on this perfect wedding weekend!

Welcome Dinner

Sunset Ceremony