Here comes the rush!

I just finished editing the last wedding of a relatively quiet spring wedding season for us. The ceremony and reception were both at the beautifully unique Eiteljorg Museum downtown. It’s always great to work with Sarah Bean and her staff, especially knowing how hard Sarah sells IndyVisual to her clients. Bruce Juntgen was the photographer, and it was ironically a DVD he showed to the father of the bride of a wedding we did together last year (also ironically at the Eiteljorg) that sold them on hiring us. It’s been nice to reconnect with Bruce recently after not working with him for years since he was an assistant for Geno. The band Maggie Speaks came down from Chicago and quite simply rocked the house from the minute they introduced Katie & Brandon to the tune of Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” I enjoyed chatting with their lead singer, who as it turns out, attended IU at the same time I did. (Shhh…don’t tell Sarah. She’s a Boilermaker!) Here’s the highlight segment from their video. Because of some scaffolding around the statue in front of the museum, I had to steal some exterior shots from the previously-mentioned DVD. Ah, the benefits of having been around awhile!

In a couple of days, the Ridge household will depart for our annual Cedar Point excursion, where we’ll stay at the new Castaway Bay indoor waterpark resort. If you haven’t been to Cedar Point, I’d very highly recommend a visit there. It’s been voted the country’s top amusement park for 7 or 8 straight years, and it has much more to offer than just roller coasters. Our kids love the beach, the ferry ride to Put-In-Bay island, Soak City and Camp Snoopy. I plan to enjoy every second of our trip, because once we return to Indy, I will be greeted with an unbelievable flurry of 8 weddings in 15 days! So I anticipate there will be much to report in the near future, if I can come up for air during that time.

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