Kelly & Jonathan – 4/14/07

I’m sure that when Kelly and J.R. were planning their wedding for mid-April, they weren’t expecting snowflakes. But it’s been that kind of year so far, and fortunately, nobody seemed to mind. Their wedding took place at Friendship Baptist Church in Greenwood, and the reception marked my first return to Valle Vista Golf Club & Conference Center in over ten years. In fact, I just realized that I haven’t shot a wedding or reception on the south side at all in those ten plus years, which is kind of surprising considering how many we’ve done. But it was a nice change of pace to return there, and everyone was as hospitable as could be to me.

I got the chance to work with photographer Tonya Wittig for the first time on her own, though we had worked together many times over the ten years that she assisted Lois Wyant of Wyant Photography. DJ Rick Eberle of DJs Direct did a great job of keeping everyone involved and pacing all the formalities right through the couple’s departure. He also gave me a killer sound feed, as did the church earlier. This could end up being one of the best sounding videos I’ve done. The video should be completed over the next few days – one of the perks of getting married early in the season!

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