Where will the ceremony be? My vote is for historic Brimstone Hill Fortress.
We enjoyed a fun birthday party for Matthew on Saturday at Pinheads. His friends had a great time duckpin bowling, while Chris and I mostly got to sit back and let everyone entertain themselves. I guess this gets easier as the kids get older, though we’ll probably have our hands full at the twins’ party next weekend. I won’t be in town for their actual birthday on Thursday because…
Although I normally take Mondays off during the wedding season, I’ll be spending most of the day packing up my HD gear to get ready for a pretty exciting business trip, Jill & Kevin’s destination wedding in St. Kitts on Thursday. Consultant Tonya Shadoan of Circle City Planners is already on location with the couple scouting possible sites for the ceremony (tough job!), and I’ll be flying out with photographer Hether Miles first thing Tuesday. This should be quite an adventure, and I can’t wait to report on it when I get back late Friday.

Here are the highlights from Kelly & J.R.’s wedding last weekend at Friendship Baptist Church and reception at Valle Vista Golf Club & Conference Center on 4/14/07 in Greenwood. Enjoy!

UPDATE (4/22/07) Kelly sent along this e-mail: “I sent the overview clip to some of my family and friends and they loved it! Everyone complimented on what an amazing job you’ve done. I can’t wait to view the whole thing!” Me neither, Kelly – and thank you!

Matthew sipping a (non-alcoholic) pina colada in Cancun

It’s hard to believe that our first baby and resident genius is going to be a double-digit age in one more year, but for now, we’ll just celebrate Matthew turning 9 years old today. Chris and I like to reminisce about his first minutes, when the nurses first placed him in her arms. He made an immediate impression in the way that he calmly looked around studying his surroundings, and his curiosity and independence have not let up ever since. Happy 9th birthday, Matthew! We love you!

I’m sure that when Kelly and J.R. were planning their wedding for mid-April, they weren’t expecting snowflakes. But it’s been that kind of year so far, and fortunately, nobody seemed to mind. Their wedding took place at Friendship Baptist Church in Greenwood, and the reception marked my first return to Valle Vista Golf Club & Conference Center in over ten years. In fact, I just realized that I haven’t shot a wedding or reception on the south side at all in those ten plus years, which is kind of surprising considering how many we’ve done. But it was a nice change of pace to return there, and everyone was as hospitable as could be to me.

I got the chance to work with photographer Tonya Wittig for the first time on her own, though we had worked together many times over the ten years that she assisted Lois Wyant of Wyant Photography. DJ Rick Eberle of DJs Direct did a great job of keeping everyone involved and pacing all the formalities right through the couple’s departure. He also gave me a killer sound feed, as did the church earlier. This could end up being one of the best sounding videos I’ve done. The video should be completed over the next few days – one of the perks of getting married early in the season!

Here’s the highlight video from Kacie & Don’s wedding and reception at the Omni Severin Hotel on 3/24/07. Thanks again to photographers Stacy and Mary and the Omni’s Amanda Coffey, each of whom referred the wedding to me and scored some cameos in the clip. The widescreen HD cameras allowed me to capture some cool shots that I might not have managed otherwise. (Note: the HD resolution will not be visible on the web version of this video.)

The clients did not have a song preference, so I wanted to try one that I had never used before, preferably something new and fresh. After wracking my brain to come up with a good fit, I remembered a song from the movie “Meet the Robinsons,” which I took the boys to see last weekend. It was a cute, clever and twisty flick that looked awesome in 3D, but otherwise didn’t tug at the heartstrings much. That is, until its closing epilogue, set to this song, finally gave me a lump in the throat. It’s a song about possibilities and moving forward, which seemed appropriate.

UPDATE (4/13/07) I just got a very nice e-mail from Dan Rawlins, the father of the bride: “Kacie e-mailed the link to your website, and I just viewed your highlights video. Having been jaded and deluded by enduring other wedding videos I’ve seen, I clicked the play button with low expectations for the whole genre. I had no idea that 3 1/2 minutes of video could so perfectly capture the feel of a special day. Great work!”

UPDATE (4/17/07) Just got this e-mail from Kacie: “We’ve been sharing it with friends and family and everyone has been completely amazed at the quality of your product. The video truly captured the essence of the day. We can’t thank you enough!” Glad you enjoyed it, Kacie, and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

By popular demand (or rather, the demand of one popular photographer), here’s a sampling of images from our recent Cancun trip. Keep in mind that this is my first ever attempt to post a photo slideshow, and that these are all from my little point-and-shoot camera. Click on the image above to start. Enjoy!

Just checking in from Cancun to say that we’re having a wonderful time here on our kids’ spring break. I’m surprised at how accessible this piece of paradise is to Indiana, and we’ve run into an unusually large number of Hoosiers who apparently feel the same way. Our highlights so far have included swimming with dolphins, viewing the huge barrier reef from a submarine, enjoying the all-inclusive food and amenities of the Great Parnassus Resort and Omni Cancun (the photo above is from our villa), and basking in the beautiful weather and hospitality of the Mexican people. My mom and her friend Maew joined us for a few days from Thailand, which makes any trip even more special.

It’s a bummer to have to leave tomorrow, but I’ll have plenty to look forward to at home this month. In addition to a few more days of spring break, we have birthdays for each of the boys coming up, along with three weddings, including one in St. Kitts (have I mentioned that one yet?) and one for a groom who will be sporting a shiny new Super Bowl ring to go with his new wedding ring!

I had a wonderful time covering Kacie & Don’s wedding and reception in HD at the Omni Severin Hotel last night. The couple was very laid back, and the bride was beautiful! I told photographers Stacy and Mary (who provided the photo above) that I thought she resembled Michelle Branch. The most challenging part of the day was getting accustomed to a whole bunch of new accessories I acquired to work better with our HD cameras, but I had a good handle on it all by the end of the night, and I’m quite happy with the purchases I made. One tweak here and there, and I may end up preferring to cover all our weddings with this gear, which is possible because the HD cameras will also shoot in our customary DVCAM format. The best part of the day was getting to work with my good friends Stacy & Mary, and the Omni’s Amanda Coffey, all of whom referred this couple to me. I also got to work with Jeremy Gearries of DJs Direct for the first time, so I appreciate his letting me use his equipment to test my new audio gear. I can’t wait to start editing this video, as the whole event looked gorgeous in the widescreen format, but it may have to wait until we get back from our vacation. We’re leaving for Cancun on Wednesday!

Update: Stacy & Mary just added more images and info from this wedding on their blog

I’ve just spent the past few days moving and consolidating five room’s worth of stuff into two to make room for a new tenant, and boy I am exhausted! That’s a LOT of furniture, equipment, books, etc., and I’m not exactly Mr. Universe. Hopefully, I’ll have enough energy to get through the wedding tomorrow in one piece. So if you happen to drop in on me, do note that I am now in the back of the suite instead of the front. Don’t worry, I haven’t skipped town and your wedding masters haven’t disappeared forever! My address is still the same as well. One really cool thing about this move is that for the first time in 10 years, I’ve been able to organize my studio from the ground up in a way that makes sense for the business’ current structure and workflow. I can’t wait to show it off once everything is organized.

Just in case one of the 2.5 readers of this blog happens to know someone who might be interested, I have a beautiful 1134 s.f. five-room suite for rent right next door. Windows in every room, kitchenette, great part of town, and an awesome landlord! 😉 Just putting it out there…