I’m a groomsman!

Wow, my first ever blog entry…where do I begin? I guess I should thank folks like Jessica Strickland, Brandon & Cybil New and Derek Gehl for keeping me intrigued by the whole blogging concept despite my poor history of journal-keeping over the years. I should also give a shout-out to my all-time fave TV comedy “Arrested Development” for making me chuckle every time I hear the word “blog.” (Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog – funny stuff!)

Ironically, my first entry is not about a wedding that I am videotaping this weekend, but rather a wedding that I am IN this weekend. My wife’s brother Todd is tying the knot Saturday at our church, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, and I will be the self-conscious groomsman dodging the cameras for a change. I’m looking forward to witnessing my little “brother” all grow’d up and starting a new, exciting chapter in his life. I’m also anxious to enjoy St. Luke’s from a perspective that I haven’t experienced in the 14 years since my wife and I joined the church, as I have spent most of my time there either sitting in the pews, editing the Sunday services for TV, taking our kids to preschool, or videotaping weddings. I also had the privilege of setting up the new sanctuary’s in-house video mixing system a few years ago. (I wouldn’t be a good church member if I didn’t invite you, dear reader, to visit us sometime and check it out. Dr. Kent Millard is a superb speaker, and the splendor of the music is simply unmatched in this city. Other familiar wedding vendors like consultant Kay Krober, vocalist Ken Knowles and the Zehrs from the Mansion at Oak Hill are longtime members as well.)

I have one fun little job to complete today before I take Friday off to enjoy time with my Milwaukee-based in-laws. Flip Miller brought in some old VHS and Mini-DV tapes for me to convert to DVDs. I first met Flip when we had neighboring booths at a bridal show at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in 1994, back when we were both still doing bridal shows. Since then, I’ve probably worked at more events with his band than any other single wedding vendor. A few of his band members even chuckled recently about how I seem to know – and shoot accordingly – every little nuance of their numerous, tightly arranged medleys. (His guitarist Sandy peeks nervously over his shoulder whenever he starts his “What I Like About You” solo, because he knows Bob’s comin’ to get the shot!) Anyway, it’s been fun to watch Flip’s kids, whom I haven’t seen since I shot a promo at his house over ten years ago, grow up in front of my eyes. These DVDs will be a special Mother’s Day surprise for his wife, who I seriously hope isn’t reading this!

Next week I plan to finish editing the last of our spring weddings, update the website with some new clips for the first time in over a month, and cap it all off by making a MAJOR announcement about IndyVisual. (That’s what we call a “teaser!”) So how does one end a blog entry? I suppose with the promise that future entries will be loaded with entertaining and concise info that will give you an extra glimpse into the local wedding scene, our studio, and yours truly. Happy planning!

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