IndyVisual goes high-def!

In keeping with our philosophy of never settling for simply being the best, IndyVisual is pleased to announce the recent purchase of new high-definition (HD) equipment that will allow us to become the first wedding videography studio in Indiana to videotape weddings in the spectacular HD format. The end result for the bride and groom is a stunning picture that will allow them to relive every precious detail and emotion of their special day with a clarity unsurpassed by any other studio in the state.

In addition to quadrupling the resolution of the highest-end professional DVCAM cameras (also used only by IndyVisual), our new cameras capture footage in the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, providing 33% more picture information to fill every corner of the next generation of widescreen TVs. Also, by acquiring footage at the film industry standard 24 frames/second versus 30 fps for video, we’ve come a huge step closer towards achieving every videographer’s “holy grail” of making video look more like film.

Because the options for viewing HD recordings at home remain limited, IndyVisual will provide HD clients with their finished videos on standard DVDs (which will still look crisper than those shot on standard DV tape) until a consumer HD format is more firmly established later in the year, at which time the clients will receive HD versions of their wedding videos. Following a brief promotional period, HD versions of our packages will be available for an additional $1,000, while previously-booked clients may upgrade their packages for $500.

Breaking ground is nothing new for IndyVisual. In 1993, we were the first wedding videography studio in the state to videotape weddings with professional broadcast cameras. In 1994, we were the first to utilize non-linear editing equipment, giving us the creative flexibility to develop the “look” that has defined our studio. In 1999, we were the first to provide our clients with their finished videos on DVD. In 2000, we became and remain the only studio to use professional broadcast DVCAM (higher-end DV) cameras to capture footage.

Of course, we recognize that it takes much more than fancy equipment to create a wonderful experience for our valued clients. That is why we focus more heavily on promoting our service, experience, relationships and body of work. However, we hope that this technical leap forward reflects our continuing commitment to raising the bar in every aspect of our own business while setting new standards for our industry as a whole. It’s just one more way to ensure that our clients, who expect the very best, receive that and so much more!

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