Aloha? Oy!

Sometime this week, I was planning to share my excitement about my vacation coming up next week in Kauai, but I’ll have to admit that yesterday’s earthquake in Hawaii has me a little bit freaked out. If it would’ve hit exactly one week later, we would have experienced it first-hand and likely been stranded at the Honolulu airport. Fortunately, there were no casualties or tsunamis (we’re planning lots of beach time), and it looks like it’s all over for now, knock on wood. I’m sure I’ll have no problem ramping my excitement back up. All it takes for me is to look at the picture below. (And that’s just our hotel’s swimming pool!) It’ll be a special trip not only because I’m always excited to get away with the wife and kids, but also because we’ll be spending a few days with my mother, who lives in Thailand and will meet us there. It’ll be a fun Saturday videotaping Lynn & Josh’s wedding knowing where we’ll be headed the next day!

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