Sandy & John – 11/4/06

Right as I was ready to wind down from the busiest wedding season I’ve have ever had, I got a last-minute booking for Sandy & John’s wedding at Second Presbyterian Church and reception at the Broadmoor Country Club. While most of our clients book us about six months to a year in advance, we do get quite a few late bookings each year from brides who come to appreciate how quickly their big day is going to come and go, and therefore appreciate the value of having their wedding festivities professionally videotaped. Unfortunately, I have to turn most of these brides away, but thankfully, I had yesterday available. I’m kind of an internet nut, so I was tickled to discover that this was the first time I was booked purely as a result of a good “old-fashioned” Google search. Although most of our business stems from established relationships with clients and vendors, supplemented by some targeted internet advertising, I’ve put some effort into designing our website so that its search engine rankings would be maximized. Now I have proof that it works!

We’ve covered quite a few ceremonies at this beautiful landmark church (designed in part by the great-grandfather of videographer Laurie Buschmann, who assisted), so it’s hard for any wedding to truly stand out there – they’re all “big” at Second Presbyterian. But Sandy & John’s wedding was certainly appropriate for the grand setting, partly due to the huge size of the bridal party, but mostly because of the strong sense of family and community among their guests that has been nurtured throughout their 8-9 years of courtship. In the “small world” department, their reader turned out to be Laurie’s college roommate of four years.

The reception, in addition to being simply beautiful, was an impressive display of logistical planning. The Broadmoor CC staff and consultant Caren Pearlman found an ingenious way to fit what seemed like 300 guests into the limited space. It involved lots of long tables (which actually enhanced the feeling of community among the diverse guests) and by far the largest head table I’ve ever seen – a huge L-shaped table spanning two edges the dance floor which seated 40 people! The band Living Proof was fairly new to the wedding scene, but judging by the way they kept the floor packed with their energetic blend of classic and current R&B, they’ll be around for as long as they want to be. The best part of the day for me personally was hanging out and catching up with photographer and friend Angela Talley about her new baby girl Lucia. I felt like a kid in a candy store when she handed me her camera at the end of the night and let me snap a few shots with the fisheye lens.

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