Elizabeth & Jonathan – 2/17/07

Elizabeth and John wanted a winter wedding and got it – on a snowy weekend just days removed from the area’s heaviest snowfall in decades. The rehearsal dinner the night before at the Old Spaghetti Factory was a special treat for me, not just because of the couple’s hospitality, but also because it was where I enjoyed my first prom date in high school many years back. The couple’s generosity extended to the rest of their lucky friends and family as well, as I have never seen so many gifts handed out, with so much thought put into each one. I even scored three rock candy favors for the boys!

I had an early start covering Elizabeth’s preparations at her beautiful home north of Downtown. It’s the kind of house my wife and I always drool over, Victorian but new. (Someday…) Once we got to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, we navigated through a maze of narrow paths of shoveled snow (not easy with all this gear) to get inside for pictures with Joe Defabis. The ceremony and mass were long as expected, but enjoyable nonetheless. To see this sweet couple, who I knew put more planning and detail into this day than most couples do, finally have their moment (along with plenty of time to soak it all in) was a true pleasure.

The reception took place afterwards at the Fountain Square Theatre just southeast of Downtown. Surprisingly, it was the first time I had ever seen this Fountain Square area that I had heard so much about, so I was quite impressed and made a mental note to bring the kids sometime. The theatre itself was like a whole new world that you don’t expect when you enter it from the outside, with an outdoor village atmosphere similar to the Indiana Roof Ballroom, but smaller and more intimate. Having a spacious dance floor and an entire stage to roam allowed me to get some perspectives that I don’t normally enjoy at most receptions, so I’m looking forward to editing the footage in the coming days.

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