Abbie & Gabe – 11/27/09

In a year filled with some truly spectacular events, Abbie & Gabe’s wedding at the Indiana State House and reception at the Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station was definitely among the biggest we have ever covered. Tonya Shadoan of Circle City Planners was given two months to put it all together and did a masterful job, bringing together a dream team of vendors to help her fulfill the couple’s unique vision. (Abbie wanted lots of purple, Gabe wanted lots of guitars – done!)
Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Circle City Designers, KB Design, Evans Audio/Visual, Flying Toasters and Indy Photo Booths all contributed to an award-worthy event, which was outshined only by the love that Abbie and Gabe had for each other. In fact, for all the extravagance that went into the event, and all the amazing details that I would love to write about (hopefully the video and links below will suffice), what struck me most was the way all of it seemed to disappear when Gabe serenaded Abbie. Oh, and they wanted to exit through snow, so we made snow!
Read more about this rockin’ event on the Circle City Planners blog, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography blog, and KB Design blog!

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    Just perfect! Wonderful work. Tiffany

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