Three days, three weddings

I just completed editing the video of Courtney & Brian’s wedding, which I shot last weekend in Columbus. It was fun to go through the footage I taped at the photo shoot after the ceremony. Everyone had such a great time there. The bridesmaids did a Harlem Globetrotters routine and football play with their bouquets that cracked me up. It’s nice to have a video completed so soon after taping it, while every shot is fresh in my mind. I’ll try to get a headstart on the other June 10 wedding that we covered, but the one-week turnaround time will be a fond memory once I’m done taping 6 weddings in the next 9 days. Still, I’m happy that at our busiest, we’ve been able to stick to our “weeks instead of months” completion goal. I’m still trying to figure out how some studios take over a YEAR to get their videos done!

Friday I’ll be covering a wedding and reception at the Montage at Allison Pointe, right down the road from our studio. Andrew Scalini is their photographer, so I know they’ll have some stunning images and I’ll have a few laughs. Sunny Moon will be their DJ, so I anticipate a packed dance floor and a smooth flow of events. Someday just for kicks I’m going to count how many gigs we’ve done together since the early 90’s. (THANK YOU for referring them to us, Sunny!) And Joe Husar of Kahn’s Katering, whom I worked with Tuesday as well at the Eiteljorg, always takes good care of us vendors, which we appreciate! The couple should be a lot of fun. They look like a “rock and roll” couple, if that makes any sense. They got a little emotional when they viewed the photomontage I assembled for them, so hopefully there will be much more of that on Friday!

I’m also excited about Saturday’s wedding, as it will be the first ceremony I’ve shot at the State House since I did a Hilbert wedding there about 9 years ago. It gets better, as their reception will be the FIRST reception to take place at the new five-star Conrad Hotel! I haven’t worked with Bruce Livingston since his days at the Marriott downtown, so it’ll be nice to see how he likes his new job. This will be my first wedding with consultant Rayna Traylor, whom I haven’t seen since I was in one of her Conner Prairie bridal shows over 10 years ago. Fellow videographer John King referred her to me, since the poor guy will be vacationing in Mexico!

Finally on Sunday, I’ll be at the Ritz-Charles covering a ceremony in their chapel, followed by a brief reception in the main building. (THANK YOU for the referral, Ritz-Charles!) Tonya Shadoan of Circle City Planners is their consultant, but I don’t think either of us knew we were working on this one together until a few weeks ago. I always have a great time with her, and we have a few more weddings coming up together. As if this world weren’t small enough, one of my my assistant editors also happens to work with Tonya’s brother-in-law Jim Shadoan.

I just booked two weddings for the same date in April of 2007. That brings the total for next year up to ten, which is amazing for us so early in the year. I’m usually content to have that many bookings going into a new year! By comparison, last year I only had two bookings for 2006 at the beginning of October. (We’ll still finish 2006 with the usual 35 or so weddings.) I hope what that’s telling me is that I’m doing things the right way. It certainly motivates me to continue delivering the best product and providing the best service that I can for our clients.

Total sidebar, but “Cars” is an excellent movie! The themes are actually pretty adult, and the pace a little slow for kids, but it all truly moved me, and the animation is phenomenal!

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