Jody & Jason – 10/21/06

While I am covering Lynn & Josh’s wedding day today, Laurie will be on duty for the second straight weekend to cover Jody & Jason’s wedding and reception at the Bridgewater Club. Consultant Kay Krober of Kay Krober Invitations and Celebrations was kind enough to refer Jody to us, and Gloria Boyden of Events by Design will be on hand to help run the show. Sunny Moon will be spinning tunes at the reception to keep the party rolling. It’s always a kick to already know how the night is going to go and how much fun the couple and their guests are going to have, long before they realize it themselves!

I already covered Jody & Jason’s rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. As we walked through the ceremony in the outdoor tent, it became obvious what a stunning view of the golf course and all the beautiful leaves the guests are going to have. If the forecast is correct, this should be a perfect fall day. After a brief stop at the couple’s house to show her family and friends the photomontage video I created for them, we all went to the Levee in Noblesville for some delicious roasted chicken in an intimate sports bar atmosphere. The couple cut and served a sinfully delicious chocolate groom’s cake later in the evening. Jody & Josh are such a kind and down-to-earth couple, so I expect Laurie to have a wonderful time working with them today.

Update (11/2/06): Laurie updated me yesterday on Jody & Jason’s wedding, and it sounds like everything went beautifully to match their perfect fall day. Kay, Gloria and Sunny all reiterated the same thing at the Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon I attended yesterday. Jody’s ears must have been burning, because she called me later in the day to chat about what a great day she had. After a laid-back start to the reception, Jody’s friends gathered on the floor for a group picture, and Sunny swooped right in with the perfect song to keep them and the rest of the crowd glued there the rest of the night. (A classic Sunny Moon trick!)

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