Melody & Dylan – 4/29/07

With only a day’s rest following my adventure in St. Kitts, it was time to quickly get back to business on Sunday for Melody & Dylan’s wedding at my church, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. The deep spirituality of this couple blended beautifully with the inspirational music and grandeur of the sanctuary to create one of the most moving ceremonies I ever have seen there. I loved the way Dylan told me during his on-camera interview that his planned proposal to Melody got delayed because his “work schedule got extended.” (He’s a lineman for the Colts, and the Super Bowl was the culprit!)

The reception was a nicely paced affair at the Woodstock Club, with a very spirited crowd jamming to the music of the multi-talented duo Dave and Rae. It was nice to catch up with former clients Amie & Matt Paradise, who referred the couple to me, and Katie & Adam Wright. (Check out these great shots of Katie & Adam’s adorable baby from Jessica Strickland’s blog!) The majority of Dylan’s fellow offensive linemen from the Colts were there as well, and groomsman Ben Utecht was particularly hilarious all night, espcially when he took over the mic for “Ice Ice Baby.” But nothing made the night more joyful than the genuine warmth of Melody & Dylan themselves, who obviously have so much love to share with each other and those around them. The icing on the cake was having my longtime buddy Rich Johnson shooting with me (as he will much more often this year), along with photographer Scott Barrett, with whom I was working for the first time.

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