Virginia & Lars’ Highlights

Here are the video highlights from Virginia & Lars’ very unique 6/2/07 wedding at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and reception at Meridian Hills Country Club. Ironically, the Barry Manilow song Virginia wanted for this video was the very first song I sang in high school choir many years ago, and I had never heard the real version until putting these highlights together:

So many interesting stories emerged from this day as I looked through Laurie’s footage, not the least of were the masquerade masks, the ubiquitous animal-couple figurines, and Lars’ Norwegian heritage (check out the groom’s cake). But I was most intrigued by Virginia’s use of an excerpt from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Snow-White and Rose-Red” in their programs, as Virginia is the first bride I’ve ever seen wear both a white AND a red wedding gown, the latter one for the reception. Coincidence? I even suspect that the wedding and reception venues might have been designed to reflect the duality of the title characters, but I’ll have to run that theory by the couple when they return from their honeymoon in Longboat Key, FL.

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