Stephany & Tony – 3/29/08

I was blessed to have Tony’s invaluable help with editing and videotaping for a couple of years while he was finding his footing in the video & multimedia business, finally landing an awesome full-time job doing video and 3D work at Medical Animatics. So I was thrilled to be able to cover his wedding day as he tied the knot with Stephany at the Indiana State House. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony a few times, not just at his being my boss for a day, but also being on the other end of the type of video that he’s seen so many times while working in my studio.

The ceremony was filled many nice touches, including roses given to the mothers after each set of parents expressed support for this union, a sand ceremony, and one that I’d never heard of before. They wrote love letters to each other and placed them in a box containing a small wine bottle and glasses, then hammered the lid onto it. In ten years, they will open the box, enjoy a toast, and finally read the letters they wrote to each other for their wedding day. What a wonderful way to be transported back to your wedding day – well, in addition to a video!

The reception took place at the Rathskeller, and the food was steller – I’d been looking forward to the pretzels ever since they booked me. DJ Wes Adkins of Event One DJs did a great job of running the show, especially after a lightning-quick setup following the ceremony, where he provided the audio. Tony’s friend Erin Davis of Bare Bones Photography did a masterful job of capturing photos throughout the day while blending in with the guests. But the best part of the day was the couple themselves, who were inseparable the whole time and are obviously great friends just as much as they are husband and wife.

UPDATE: Stephany just e-mailed these kind words to me: “The video is gorgeous! Tony and I just got back from our honeymoon and this was such a treat to watch. Thank you so much!” The pleasure was all mine!

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