Our family photos

Tiffany Stoner and Nate Rowe of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography just gave my family the coolest “thank you” gift ever for the video clips I put together for their new website. Nate met us at Holiday Park last week to capture some images of the boys romping around at the huge play area, and of all of us wandering around the woods. I’ve always loved bringing the kids there, but it also has significance to me because I shot my first wedding in front of the park’s beautiful ruins with the fountain running, and it is also the last place Chris and I played with Matthew right before the twins were born. The kids are much older now and pretty tricky to wrangle for pictures, so I’m amazed at how many great shots Nate was able to get out of all that craziness. Thanks, Tiff & Nate! There are many more shots on their blog, but here are a few of my favorites:

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